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AV Club (AV stands for AudioVisual) is an entertainment website focusing on pop culture and is a media affiliate of Onion News. A.V. Club focuses on movies, TV, music,...


Exploring AV Club: Unraveling the World of Entertainment

Introduction: AV Club stands as a beacon in the vast landscape of entertainment journalism, offering a unique blend of insightful commentary, in-depth reviews, and thought-provoking features. In this article, we’ll delve into the background of AV Club, explore its rich history, and uncover the reasons behind its enduring popularity among entertainment enthusiasts.

Background: Founded in 1993 as a print publication affiliated with The Onion, AV Club initially focused on reviews of music and films. Over the years, it expanded its coverage to include television, books, and other aspects of popular culture. In 2005, AV Club transitioned to an online format, reaching a wider audience and solidifying its position as a leading source of entertainment news and analysis.

Content: AV Club’s content is characterized by its sharp wit, insightful commentary, and comprehensive coverage of a wide range of entertainment topics. From reviews of the latest films and television shows to interviews with industry insiders and deep dives into cult classics, AV Club offers something for every type of entertainment aficionado.


  1. Reviews: AV Club’s reviews are known for their depth and nuance, providing readers with a critical assessment of the latest releases in music, film, television, and literature. Whether it’s a blockbuster movie or an indie gem, AV Club’s reviewers offer candid opinions and thoughtful analysis.
  2. Features: In addition to reviews, AV Club publishes a variety of features that explore different aspects of pop culture. These include interviews with actors, directors, and musicians, as well as thematic articles that delve into trends and phenomena shaping the entertainment landscape.
  3. Lists and Rankings: AV Club is famous for its lists and rankings, which cover everything from the best TV shows of all time to the most underrated albums of the year. These lists spark debate and discussion among readers, fueling interest in a wide range of entertainment topics.
  4. Podcasts: In recent years, AV Club has expanded into the world of podcasting, offering audio content on a variety of subjects, including film, television, and music. These podcasts feature lively discussions, insightful commentary, and interviews with industry insiders, providing listeners with an engaging and entertaining listening experience.

Community: One of AV Club’s greatest strengths is its vibrant and engaged community of readers. Through comments sections, forums, and social media channels, readers can interact with each other and with AV Club staff, sharing their thoughts, opinions, and recommendations. This sense of community fosters a deeper connection between readers and the site, enriching the overall experience for everyone involved.

Conclusion: In conclusion, AV Club stands as a pillar of the entertainment journalism landscape, offering readers a rich and diverse array of content spanning music, film, television, literature, and more. With its sharp wit, insightful commentary, and engaged community, AV Club continues to captivate audiences and shape the conversation around popular culture. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful review, an in-depth feature, or a lively discussion, AV Club has something for everyone who loves entertainment.

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