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Air Transport World magazine (ATW) is a monthly magazine about airline rankings. It is regarded as the 'Nobel Prize' in the aviation industry and enjoys high authority...


Air Transport World Magazine: Your Premier Source for Aviation News and Insights

Welcome to Air Transport World (ATW) Magazine, the leading publication for the global aviation industry. With a legacy spanning over half a century, ATW Magazine has been at the forefront of reporting on the latest trends, developments, and innovations in air transportation. Join us as we explore the rich history, comprehensive coverage, and unique features that define ATW Magazine and how it continues to inform, inspire, and connect aviation professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its founding in [insert year], Air Transport World Magazine has been dedicated to providing authoritative and insightful coverage of the aviation industry. With a focus on accuracy, integrity, and journalistic excellence, ATW Magazine has earned the trust and respect of readers and industry insiders alike. Over the years, ATW Magazine has evolved into a must-read publication for aviation professionals, executives, policymakers, and enthusiasts seeking in-depth analysis, expert commentary, and breaking news on all aspects of air transportation.

Comprehensive Coverage

ATW Magazine covers a wide range of topics related to the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, regulatory issues, technology trends, and market analysis. Whether it’s reporting on the latest aircraft deliveries, analyzing industry performance metrics, or exploring the impact of global events on air travel, ATW Magazine provides readers with comprehensive and timely coverage of the issues shaping the future of aviation. With a team of experienced journalists and industry experts, ATW Magazine delivers insightful articles, interviews, and opinion pieces that offer valuable insights and perspectives on the dynamic and evolving world of air transportation.

Industry Insights and Analysis

In addition to news and feature articles, ATW Magazine offers in-depth analysis and commentary on key issues facing the aviation industry. From market trends and regulatory developments to operational challenges and technological innovations, ATW Magazine provides readers with valuable insights and perspectives from industry leaders, analysts, and thought leaders. Whether you’re a seasoned aviation professional or a newcomer to the industry, ATW Magazine’s thought-provoking content helps you stay informed, stay ahead, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Exclusive Interviews and Profiles

ATW Magazine features exclusive interviews and profiles with some of the most influential figures in the aviation industry, including airline CEOs, government officials, industry analysts, and leading innovators. These interviews offer readers a behind-the-scenes look at the people and personalities driving innovation, shaping policy, and shaping the future of air transportation. Whether it’s learning about the vision and strategy of a major airline CEO or gaining insights into the latest advances in aircraft technology from a top engineer, ATW Magazine’s interviews and profiles provide readers with valuable perspectives and inspiration.

Community Engagement and Networking

ATW Magazine fosters a vibrant and engaged community of aviation professionals, executives, policymakers, and enthusiasts through its print publication, digital platforms, events, and conferences. With opportunities for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, ATW Magazine brings together individuals and organizations from across the aviation industry to connect, learn, and grow. Whether it’s attending industry conferences, participating in online forums, or engaging with ATW Magazine’s social media channels, readers have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities to engage with their peers and stay connected with the latest developments in air transportation.


As the premier publication for the global aviation industry, Air Transport World Magazine remains committed to providing readers with the highest quality journalism, analysis, and insights on all aspects of air transportation. With its rich history, comprehensive coverage, exclusive interviews, and vibrant community engagement, ATW Magazine continues to inform, inspire, and connect aviation professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer to the world of aviation, ATW Magazine is your trusted source for everything you need to know about the dynamic and ever-changing world of air transportation.

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